horses in the sky

So, in this ‘winter of discontent’, I’ve been revisiting some albums of yore that had a substantial effect on me. One of them, is A Silver Mount Zion’s Horses In The Sky. I guess there’s nothing that can be said about Efrim and cohorts that hasn’t already been voiced, so i’ll leave any ‘objectivity’ there, wrapped in plastic and thrown into the fridge.

So, to follow true blogger fashion, some lyrics:

Oh, my broken lamb
I worry when you cry
Baby’s gonna fetch ya
Horses in the sky

Though dead hands ring the garden
And these are violent times
And violence brings more violence
And liars bring more lies

Though we were born defeated
Worried, tired and scared
And monsters build mean robots
Launching rockets into the air

And the wealth of our nations
Fed on angel blood
And our cities shot with moneyed schemes
Built on twigs and mud

And our schools look like prisons
And our prisons look like malls
And downtown’s just a sick parade
Where no one cares at all

And our heroes all died crazy
Broken, poor or shot
Let’s celebrate their tragedy
And sanctify the loss

And manifest the daydream
Like those who failed before
And glorify our small attempts
And hate ourselves no more

Blow words between this sucker’s teeth
And bind these panicked hands
Lose your heart like a clumsy bell
Please be well

Please be well
Please be well
Please be well
Please be well…

And all I true love
Is the light in my sister’s darling eyes…

The constant reiterations of a remorseful ‘please be well’ is melancholy at its stupefying best. Not to mention when everything fades away and you get Efrim’s trademark whine-esque “and all i true love, is the light, in my sister’s darling eyes.”

Links to the album:




4 thoughts on “horses in the sky

  1. thanks for this.

    could you be so kind as to upload pineapple thief somewhere? or give a torrent/link if you have one?

    i can give ftp if you can upload

  2. tpp: which albums do you want? let me know and i’ll see what i can conjure up (i.e if i can’t find worthy torrents/links then i’ll upload whatever i have on mediafire

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