RIP, Benazir Bhutto

Despite her recent acquiescing with whoever was in a better position, despite her recent overdone allusions to her father’s past, despite the alleged corruption charges; this was no way to die.

Some will inevitably say, this is what she would’ve preferred, and may even be right. Martyrdom while talking to the people she proclaimed to help. But it still isn’t a way to go.

There will be speculation. There will be mourning. There will be revenge, and there will be violence. The blue torch paper has been well and truly lit. Whether the fingerprints on this belong to Musharraf, the Chaudry brothers, or indeed to an Islamic Militant organization who couldn’t quite come to terms with a woman in office, I hope the very worst on God’s green earth unto them.

One cannot help but feel for the family, for her offspring if not for her loathsome husband. For the Bhutto family as is, another one bites the dust. Zulfiqar, Benazir, Murtaza (perhaps, even Shahnawaz). 4 deaths, mostly motivated by treacherous politics.

Often times i’ve tried to bring the light towards the completely paucity of skilled political minds in Pakistan. We’ve just lost perhaps the most significant one.

Sindh is going to roar. It’s going to bleed and its going to go absolutely fucking mental. If you’re around Lyari, I suggest you run somewhere else, quickly; if you haven’t already.

Islamabad, lets see what happens to ye.


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