of suns and moons

Surely, this is another sleight-of-hand. It’s a little dispiriting. Wait, I lie.

It’s terribly dispiriting. I’d let it slide, but this isn’t just another day. It isn’t just another month; it isn’t just another year. Our lives are weakning by the day, our resolve no longer stoic. Time’s a whore, without a doubt, but under whose tutelage – surely not His – will we manage to learn the ways and means of this whore and subsequently exude some semblance of control over it?

I want my own Grushenka. Well, let me rephrase: I’d like my own Grushenka. Ofcourse, with it would come the caveat that i’d be able to toss her whenever I’d have had enough. Wouldn’t that be just sublime?


3 thoughts on “of suns and moons

  1. Yes, I know what ‘tossing’ actually means, or rather its nice little slang meaning :p

    I shall be coming to Lahore mid August probably. Will stay with Bilal i think for a couple of days…

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