And so, US forces embark on another incursion on Pakistani soil, buoyed by Bush; officially. Cue the usual claims of a violated sovereignty and people calling upon the army to attack these ‘invading forces.’

Fair enough.

Let’s attack those SEALs. After they’ve done killing our soldiers, we can launch a ‘proper’ attack as, of course, we’ve been invaded. Or something similiar.

Then, when the US retaliates, we can embark on a futile war where we’re shown up to be the paupers we invariably are. Forget the children, and their education, lets engage in a worthless battle over a ‘principle’ that hasn’t existed for us for an age and then some.

Ahh, sovereignty. A state that is unanswerable to no-one, superficially, ofcourse. So, in due course, and bringing Hobbes, Rosseau, Locke and other social theorists into the room, aren’t the Taliban (who seem to be supported implicitly by a substantial amount of our fellow citizens) violating our sovereignty too, by carrying out attacks on a foreign nation without the explicit permission of our government?

Why no outcries of sovereignty then?

Sometimes, I think people in Pakistan seem to forget that being incharge of a country means you are responsible for millions of lives (as much as this can be attributed to some average-joes, it is equally applicable for most if not all of our politicians).

Ah, idealism. To quote Huxley: “At least two thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity, idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religious or political idols.”

Unfortunately, no tale of rabidly ridiculous laws being enforced and girls schools being burnt seems to awaken people to the fact that these mongs are opposed to everything that Pakistanis by and large believe in. Who the hell burns down a school anyway? I don’t get it. It offers nothing as a tactical manoeuver. Is it just spite?

Anyway, i’ve rambled. As always. But US forces are ‘invading’ our lovely sovereign land because we’ve been standing for far too long with your hands up our asses. They’re invading because we’ve been callous, if not outright stupid. This ideology gains from the subtle acceptance of every individual in Pakistan. It is perhaps a damning indictment of Pakistanis that our disdain of the US seems to exceed our disdain for the taliban –  an ideology that has hijacked our very religion to meet a couple of obscure, vague political goals.


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