holy hell

So, I have around £195 to spend (coughblowcough) on an acoustic guitar. My current one is a cheap Chinese make (though it still sounds brilliant), but unfortunately it’s to beaten up now to survive as anything more than an instrument used to spill stuff on.

Now, I went to this shop in Islamabad, in F-8 called ‘Hi Volts’. They stock the best stuff (not saying much there) in Islamabad. I looked at three guitars, essentially:

Yamaha FD01 = £154 $229 Rs. 18,000
Yamaha FD02 = £197 $292 Rs. 23,000
Oscar Schidt OG2 = £171 $254 Rs. 20,000

Now, if you’d follow the links to those Yamaha guitars, you’d see that the FD01 on Amazon UK is priced at £70, while the FD02 £118.98 (and that’s a starter pack, so it includes various accessories as well).

That difference in price is utterly, utterly ridiculous. Absolutely. Fucking. Ridiculous. And it’s not as if shipping is expensive too. It would cost around £35-40 to ship the guitar to Pakistan. However, these guitars aren’t made in the UK, they’re made in China/Indonesia, which makes the frankly outrageous pricing even more foam-at-the-mouth worthy.

So now my option is to order from a site that’ll ship to Pakistan (and in the process blow all my cash), or I instead get a Boss DD-20 Giga Delay. I don’t know what to do 😦


2 thoughts on “holy hell

  1. hahahah. shitt. these people rip you off.
    you should give the money to me :p i can put it to wayyy better causes 😛

    seriously speaking though, if you want, i can ask around in karachi if you let me know what you want. i have this cousin whose very close friends with faraz anwar :p not that it matters, but maybe his other friend, whose also in music, can get you a deal better than this.

  2. try hiras options, yo. “assess” the market and stuff. but get something you love yaar, sometimes its worth blowing all you bucks off on something 🙂

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