Okay, for starters, what’s up with the title? Has to be amongst the shittest movie titles I’ve ever read. Put me off for the longest time – though the fact that I confused it with a bollywood movie (the one about ‘rock music’, whichever one that was, didn’t help.

Anyway, I realized it’s by Guy Ritchie and thought I’d give it a shot. One thing that was obvious even before I’d finished, um, downloading the movie, was that it was going to be like Snatch/Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. That is, it’d be a crime/comedy flick with entwining characters and multiple story archs that start out separate but all mould into one last sequence where, like a disgusting epiphany you have on the commode, everything falls into place.

There are lots of directors that are complete hacks (Michael Bay, step away from the CGI effects. NOW), but few are hacks yet at the same time rather good at what they do. Ritchie, happens to be one of them. He’s a one trick pony, without a doubt, but what a trick it is. If ever there were  brilliant popcorn flicks, Snatch/Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels/RocknRolla must be amongst them.

The humour, as always, is top notch. The movie has some Russians in it too, and I don’t know if it’s just my mind being warped for some inexplicable reason, but I find Russian rather sexy – in a non-gay way – on men. They’re harsh, and worn, but unlike German it’s filled to the brim with emotion and well, the toils of Russian winters. German accents are – to be stereotypical – mechanic, bereft of emotion; a German man speaking furiously isn’t frightening. But Russian, well, that’s a different ballgame. It’s almost as if all their collective experienced harshness in the Gulags, in building St. Petersburg, in Stalingrad, in 1917 had all coalesced and given them the timbre and pitch in their voices and accents.

Anyway, the movie is pretty good and definitely worth watching. Not least because Thandie Newton is utterly gorgeous.

oh, and one more thing, is ‘Archie’ (Mark Strong) supposed to be Andy Garcia?


6 thoughts on “RocknRolla

  1. Ah … RocknRolla should be watched for three reasons. One is Guy Ritchie, the second is Gerard Butler and the third is again Guy Ritchie. He is the man who sort of reintroduced black comedies into main stream. If you are a fan of Ritchie films, you should watch In Bruges for which Colin Farrel won his first golden globe.

  2. i heard they are making a musical on Bruges … can you picture anyone singing “You are an inanimate fucking object” at the top of his lungs, now that would be awesome.

  3. I’ve been dying to say that to someone. Isn’t the guy who wrote the script (on whose short film the movie itself was made) a playwright? It’d lose a lot of the almost spacey humour if you turn it into a musical I suppose.

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