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Brazilian Catholic Church contests abortion for raped 9-year-old

RIO DE JANEIRO, March 4 (RIA Novosti) – Brazil’s Catholic Church has spoken out against plans for an abortion for a nine-year-old girl who was raped by her stepfather, national media reported citing church representatives.

After the girl from the northeastern state of Pernambuco complained of stomach pains, a medical examination showed she was in the 16th week of pregnancy, and was carrying twins. Police say the girl had been routinely raped by her stepfather since the age of six.

Medics say the girl’s life could be in danger if she gives birth, but Catholic priests have threatened to go to court to prevent an abortion, the reports said.

“We recognize the ‘unjust’ nature of this pregnancy, but we have to save lives,” local Archbishop Jose Cardoso Sobrinho told journalists.

Brazilian laws ban abortions, but make an exception when there is a threat to the life or health of a mother.

Now, I’m pretty pro-choice, but I can understand some of the arguments made against abortion. Despite the sabre-rattling of lots of nutty religious folk, abortion simply cannot be thrust under a blanket ‘women’s right’ issue. My point being, it’s more than just that.

But, what I cannot fathom, is that on the other side of the aisle, the pro-lifers just seem to get nuttier and nuttier, with wanton disregard for what the women (or in this case, a 9 year old girl FFS) wants. For them, apparently, if a woman wants an abortion is because she likes killing fetuses and is basically a slut; that she could NOT have come to this decision with regret and remorse, after contemplating it for days and days. Amongst other things, this is what I find most umbrage with.

Anyway, case in point. It’s a 9 year old girl. Raped, consistently, by her stepfather. For starters, she might even die in childbirth. Is her developed life so useless to these fuckwit Catholic nutjob priests? What about the two children who’d be born as well? Can you imagine how they’d feel once they’d realize how they were conceived? Should anyone be burdened with THAT?!


I’m not religious, but I AM a muslim. I do believe that religion has a positive role to play in society, but I’m my faith in that belief is now wavering. Yes, we can point to countless ‘good’ things that exist, but religion is not about averages and numbers. It’s not utilitarian. If a world without organized religion means shit like this doesn’t happen (or as in Africa, the AIDS epidemic is accentuated by the Catholic Church’s stance on contraception – for the love of god, there are children being BORN WITH AIDS), then I’m going to have defeatedly say; sign me up.


3 thoughts on “And now for something different…

  1. It’s the way human social networks are, the system tends toward more control . its not that a state informed by liberal or secular values is going to be any less authoritarian or “free” in the sense of not engineering our lives. With subtle variations power structures endure each revolution, says Foucault . “fuckwit Catholic nutjob priests” are just afraid, fighting for the prievelidged position that they were once heir to.
    Insistence is seldom on priciples ,its always about who gets the final word. Insistence on abortion or otherwise. But that’s the way it has always been , and you are correct (…Can you imagine how they’d feel once they’d realize how they were conceived? Should anyone be burdened with THAT?!… )it’s the lives of ordinay folks that get affected

  2. i felt that abortion had a way of making human life disposable, because we conceivably could arrive at a situation where casual sexual encounters leading to pregnancy could be dismissed away with a simple operation.

    however, i have come to realise the folly of that view. firstly, the wars that men fight the world over (and really how many women generals are there anywhere in the world?) are a far more effective way of ending life than all the abortion operations in the history of the world combined

    secondly the prevalence of STDs has come to mean that contraception in the form of condoms is quite pervasive now, without having the intention of preventing childbirth being its primary aim.

    thirdly, i think getting worked up about abortion arises from a man’s realisation that if women could control the process of reproduction, the only fucking funciton us men have would go to waste. and then where would we be left?

    i find myself applauding raheel here. the foucault reference encapsualtes just about everything about life as we know it.

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