Two positives from the military efforts in Swat

  1. Pakistani society finally seems to be on it’s way to completely detesting the taliban and not even giving a general polite nod towards their broader ‘goals’ – if they can be considered goals.
  2. Imran Khan and the PTI of late are receiving a proper hammering, if The News’ letters section is anything to go by. Especially enjoyable is the vitriol directed at Supreme Abhorrent Retard Shireen Mazari. To an extent kudos to the PTI and their faces for sticking to their guns, except one can only wish what they were on about had some semblance of sense.

I also wish those who want to enter into negotiations with the Taliban would stop comparing this issue with that of Northern Ireland. I’m sick to death of people using that as a barometer, forgetting the fact that the NI issue is incredibly complex that weaves arguments and political movements based around secessionism and irredentism, and says NOTHING about implementing a religious lifestyle over EVERYONE – a religious lifestyle that is incredibly violent.

But yeah wait, so the taliban are ‘oppressed’ (!?!) and thus they must be like the IRA/UDF (other gazillion forces that were at work during the troubles?).

I really hope the Government doesn’t forget the IDPs when they, hopefully, head back to a peaceful Swat and that we can provide them with the development Swat would need and then some.


One thought on “Two positives from the military efforts in Swat

  1. I also wish people (ESPECIALLY politicians) would stop thinking superficially about the IDPs.

    Yesterday on Geo news Fehmida Mirza kept ranting about WHY were women parliamentarians more together on helping the IDPs than MEN parliamentarians.

    Is it just me or is this a moment to go.. HUH?!

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