Barcelona v Manchester United – Stadio Olimpico, Rome. UEFA Champions League Final, 2009.

I’m not going to say much (in terms of analysis, i.e) because everything’s been said and done to death. I’m hellishly nervous right now, which I suppose is some proof of just how nutty most fans’ love for football and the club they follow can be. 13 hours and a couple of minutes to go I think. 6 hours of sleep and a paper on Friday. Yep, there’s a fair cumulation of emotions right now. I can only hope Rio starts, becaue if he doesn’t I think the game will be far, far closer. Evans is brilliant, but he’s young and when his nerves get shot it takes him a while to get his head straight. We cannot afford that against Barca, especially as we don’t have Fletchertron for tonight. I don’t honestly care that much about whether Giggs starts or not, whether Berba starts or whether Park will play in midfield and so on. I think any team we put out are capable of taking Barcelona to task. Anderson and Carrick will really, really need to step up though. It’s also nice that we’re playing against Barca, because I know if we lose it’ll be a fair cop – we’d be losing to the best team in Europe right now. Plus, they aren’t Chelsea/Liverpool. That helps, massively.

Anyway, here are some videos:

If only Ronaldo wasn’t such a twat on the pitch.


5 thoughts on “Barcelona v Manchester United – Stadio Olimpico, Rome. UEFA Champions League Final, 2009.

  1. the hate-comments in that video were so watered down. figures. it was promotional commercial for him 😛 they shoulda had me, i’d have some really good shit to day 😛

    its gonna be a great match, yo!

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