Well. That hurt.

Congratulations Barca. Easily the best team in Europe, having pretty much schooled the second best team. Congrats on the treble too, it’s a brilliant achievement. :sadthumbup:


3 thoughts on “:(

  1. i felt really bad about my comment on your blog last night. there are some man u fans i feel bad for. but only a little. cheer up, you have decades of yawn inducing dominance to relive, and a ton of trophies you have enjoyed in the past. 🙂

  2. Hota hai yaar. MUFC need a big boss type in midfield — this whole Carrick/Park/Anderson/Fletcher/Giggs/Scholes business isn’t going to get it done. Midfield control was too easy for FCB.

  3. lol the best player of the yr (tevez ) wasn’t even introduced until the second half , how wud you even come closer to doing any thing when he is the only1 who had the ball to himself for more then 20 seconds 🙂 shame shame shame , i m happy 🙂 thats just what happens when you chase glory 🙂

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