Really, really bad covers

Here are some seriously horrible covers of songs that I’ve been meaning to share for months.

Smells Like Teen Spirit is a fairly easy song to play, even if you’re wasted. But what if you’re a bunch of seemingly one-day-after-puberty teenagers?

Well. It’s still easy. These kids though; fuck knows. I like the vocalist’s antics though.

Continuing with covers of Nirvana, we have 90s british boyband Take That covering – yep, you guessed it – Smells Like Teen Spirit. That’s all I’m saying.

To be fair, this cover of Muse’s Time Is Running Out isn’t a complete and utter abomination. Not unless you happen to know a bit about music theory and time structures. Then it kind of unveils itself as some rather astute butchery.

Fuck I love this cover. Europe’s The Final Countdown, raped to a fucking tee.

You have to read the info on the right of this video to understand why the sound doesn’t seem to be in sync with the video itself. That’s because it’s a cover from a Muse fansite over a video of Muse at Wembley. Please, please, PLEASE, stick with this video till the VERY end. If you aren’t equal parts astounded and bowling over with laughter, I will mail you a £10 voucher for Amazon. I promise (Not really).

That said, I’m not sure whether this is a genuine cover insofar as the guy/girl whose done the cover actually did it in all seriousness, rather than as a piss-take. Either way, it’s still hilarious.

There’s a remarkable amount of shit covers on youtube, but these in my humble opinion really take the cake. Hope they brighten up a shit work day!


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