Sorry, what?

I’ve just woken up, and thanks to a RSS reader widget on my desktop, I came across this little piece of astonishment:

Breathtaking Bolt smashes 100m world record in Berlin

Yep. He’s done it. Again. But that’s not really stunning seeing as how he jogged across the finish line in Beijing. The stunning part is that he beat his record of 9.69 by .11 seconds. 9.58 is the new benchmark. And no sprinter on this planet can even DREAM of reaching that number.

Hyperbole in sports is unfortunately too prevalent, and it renders not-so-exciting the moments when it would be most relevant. Right now, we’re watching one of the greatest athletes EVER. The mid 9s were never supposed to be achievable, yet this guy can go FASTER. Even in this race, in teh last 30m he didn’t seem to be completely pushing himself. He’s 22 right now, and sprinters are supposed to be at their peak around 26-27. THAT, is just frightening. Oh, and he’s the greatest sprinter in the world while being 6’5. Yep. His height will always prevent him from getting a blistering start – but who the fuck needs that when you can pretty much destroy everyone in 75 yards or so?

Usain Bolt is a freak. He’s a freak because he’s so physically superior to us mere mortals that it’s not remotely funny. The man is an absolute beast. And long may his ridiculous record breaking streak continue.

fun fact: he almost grew up to be a cricketer. his favourite bowler? Not Walsh or Ambrose – Waqar Younis.


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