Weekly Music Review #3

Yes. I know. I missed the past week. This should technically be #4, but fuck it. I suppose when I named it ‘weekly’ I meant it to imply ‘intermittent, whenever-i-want-to weekly music review’.

Anyway, I thought of putting up podcasts – if anyone’s interested in the idea let me know. I don’t think I’m going to do it if no one’s interested and all that!


I haven’t really heard either the new Isis (Wavering Radiant) or Mastodon (Crack The Skye) that well, so I’m probably jumping the gun here in saying this is probably going to be my favourite metal album of the year – least of all because of the strong competition Black Math Horsemen threw up. But goddamnit isn’t this album special. In 44 and a half minutes, it runs through a whole gamut of genres; punk, classic rock, prog rock, metal, post rock, acoustic, hardcore and what not. Not one track on the album sounds like it’s filler, it’s all linked and intervowen majestically. The riffs are delicious and delirious, the drums maniacal and magnificent. A proper corker of an album. I won’t say this is metal for adults because that sounds incredibly condescending, but if you aren’t a fan of the genre I would suggest you give this album a try. You don’t need to be a metalhead to enjoy it (god knows I’m not one).

Baroness Myspace


I know for the past two weekly reviews I’ve seemingly trotted out the “must be a competitor for album of the year” cliche a fair few times. I honestly do mean it though, in every single instance. These aren’t albums I’ve just heard once and bought into the hype; these are albums that I’ve listened to continously and whose emotional affects have shown no desire to retreat anytime soon. Forget The Night Ahead was one of my most anticipated albums of the year – more so after the release of ‘To Become A Prostitute’. Imagine the noise and ambient side of Mogwai, and then couple it with cryptic, post-goth lyrical ingenuinity with a lovingly thick scotch accent voicing them and you’ve got yourself The Twilight Sad. I know that description sounds cheesy, if not plain. But this band really, really aren’t. They’re very special and this album should go a long way to cementing their place as one of the best acts on the planet, period.

I Became A Prostitute

Floorboards Under The Bed


Really, forget the shoddy album name, pathetic cover art (or lack thereof) and the creatively titled album name. None of that is relevant here. The XX are a very young band from the UK who make very sparse (if not spacey) pop, built around a foundation of electronica and 80s sound. It sounds horrible, but it really isn’t. In fact it’s quite endearing, and frighteningly catchy.



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