So it’s the eighth anniversay today of September 11th, 2001.  Over the past couple of days I’ve seen some embarrassing and shocking articles/youtube vids put up by people on my facebook (FFS) relating to how 9/11 was part of the New World Order bollocks to how it was planned and operated by the Bush administration.

What shocks me most, aside from the ludicrousness of these “theories” is the complete failure of most of their proponents when it comes to looking up official responses to their criticisms or the original story as it is. Loose Change for example omits, subverts and bastardizes many official accounts in order to shape their criticisms better. They present a changed official story that fits in with their mundane criticisms, in the process alluding to out-of-context quotes and indulging in frivilous quote-mining and attribution to ‘sources’ that really don’t exist.

That said, I suppose there’s an argument to be made about the complicitness of the US in terms of negligence. That is to say that maybe they could’ve been smarter, sharper and better prepared. But that is quite a long way from arguing that they deliberately perpetrated this abhorrent act of terrorism (though all acts of terrorism are abhorrent, morally).

9/11 was an act that has and will define our generation, mostly through it’s after-effects. The Asian Tsunami took more lives, and Srebenica was more horrid, but one was a natural disaster and the other occurred at war-time. But 9/11 was a show of force and terrorism that took apart one of the United States’ most famous landmarks, and it’s major economic hub. It was a blow to a great city, and it was frightening because of how it was perpetrated. For better or for worse, it changed the lives of billions around the world – it changed politics and it changed the very idea of international security.

102 Minutes That Changed America is a documentary that shows amateur and news footage of 9/11 without narration, seamlessly blending videos together to show a different perspective to what happened. It shows the (in)humanity of what happened, and it shows the fear and chaos that rippled through NYC and it’s habitants as the two towers were hit, and as they ultimately collapsed. It is not easy viewing, but it must be watched, if in spurts of 30 minutes a day.

Anyway, I sincerely hope no other country on earth ever has to go through something like this.


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