Isn’t it ironic that just as most people are up in arms over the patently misunderstood Kerry-Lugar Bill, with the primary criticism being that it violates our sovereignty, the GHQ ends up being invaded by the TTP, a collective of terrorists who have for the past 3-4 years been regularly violating our sovereignty?

But that would require an understanding of what sovereignty is. Amongst other things, it is to paraphrase Weber, “the monopoly that a government possesses over violence.” It’s just not questions of interference from other states.

However, if I may stoop down to their level, it begs a question. What’s better: the taliban subverting the state’s sovereignty via violence and in the process killing scores of hundreds of Pakistanis, OR, the US violating our sovereignty by handing us $1.5b each year and attaching some conditions to it?

All I’ll say is, for the past half decade we’ve been okay on the taliban regularly dismantling whatever writ or sovereignty the state possessed. It’s amusing that the question only arises when the US is brought up.


2 thoughts on “Ironing

  1. hahaha… excellent point… if only the us would really cut off the tap (they never would for their own purposes, but supposing they did) then i’d like to see how our valiant fucking khakis, and far worse, their toady lackeys in the media and in the opposition would react. shameless fuckers…

    i wish i was still a journalist – i would have plagirized your idea so fast for the 9 o clock news 🙂

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