A Place To Bury Strangers

Sometimes I have an album (or a few dozen) lying around my hard disk, completely neglected. Then, one day, I’ll just decide to listen to one of them because, after all, there was a reason why I downloaded them in the first place.

Sometimes, the result is perfunctory. You’ll realize that the album is good, but nothing more. Sometimes, you’ll feel the album wasn’t really worth the two hours or so you spent listening to it.

Occasionally, you’re hit with something truly amazing. The subsequent feeling is a rather mixed one (well, it isn’t really). On one hand you’re filled with unadulterated joy at finding something that’s blown your face right off. On the other, you’re a few steps away from slapping yourself because you ignored such a gem.

Either way, I think it’s one of the better feelings associated with listening to music. Another one is when a band really ends up meeting your expectations (see The Twilight Sad – Forget The Night Ahead). It’s like quickfire multiple orgasms.

Anyway, the new Beach House is gorgeous.


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