Is it dickish to want to leave Pakistan badly?

Amidst the insanity over the taliban; the continued unbridled violence perpetuated by further unbridled stupidity; the lack of electricity; the ridiculous price rises; the general thievery of pakistani businessmen/corporations; the Prado owners and drivers with their mistaken concepts of inheritance; the rampant hypocricies of people and society, is it really dickish to not want to spend another year in this country?

In my defense, seeing as how my Urdu is fairly atrocious and I’m pursuing a degree in Politics (as well as, hopefully, a MA/MSc soon, with a view towards a Ph.D), I honestly don’t see what Pakistan contains for me. I will not be a bureaucract, even if Natalie Portman offers herself to me for eternity. Academia? Aside from LUMS and QAU, there isn’t much. Even then, these Universities don’t possess as much an emphasis on post-doctoral research as Unis in UK/US/Canada/EU. In other words, I’d be teaching rather than researching. Journalism? Maybe, but I don’t have the desire to, well, chase stories. Commentary/Punditry is more my thing, but it’s highly unlikely I’d be able to make a living like that, even if it’s reinforced by a place at some weird think-tank. NGOs? Probably my best option, but that’s genuinely not saying much.

I could come back to Pakistan as a specialist UN bureaucrat. If that’s how things turn out, I’m not entirely sure I’d want to come back.


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