tyra banks is a moron

I really shouldn’t be owning up to this, but, yeah.

I watch America’s Next Top Model. Well, I’ve watched 1.5 seasons anyway. The first season I watched when it was first out, mostly cause there was a girl in it who bore a slight resemblance to one I had a crush on at that time.

But a week or so ago I started watching season 6, on my sister’s laptop cause of the loadshedding (and cause I was horribly bored). Anyway, I honestly believe it’s brilliant television. Not in the sense that it’s articulate, full of socio-political commentary and nuance while trapezing a fine line between satire and humour; it isn’t. It’s brilliant because it’s so blatantly retarded. The in-fighting amongst the girls, the general bitchiness, the hilarious campness, the outright ad placement (really shocking too – they have show walas/judges actually blurting out taglines and what not).

It’s just hilarious television, mostly I suppose unintentionally – but since when did ‘intention’ start coming into play for tv shows?

Anyway. Yes. I’ve just tried to justify watching America’s Next Top Model. And yes, some of the women tend to be worthwhile eye candy, but honestly that’s just a side thing compared to girls falling over in their heels and all that 😀

Aside from all that, 2010 has so far turned out to be fucking phenomenal in terms of music.

Shearwater, A Silver Mount Zion, Spoon, Titus Andronicus, The Album Leaf, Yeasayer, Beach House, The Magnetic Fields, Unwinding Hours, The Besnard Lakes – all of them are gorgeous albums. Ofcourse, there’s an absolute killer load of albums STILL waiting for release (and by that I mean leak)!


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