Have One On Me

It’s bad enough that any members of the female race who tend to play instruments are generally insanely attractive, but what do you do when you’re faced with someone who plays the harp?

I mean the harp, for fucks sake. Not the guitar, or the piano, or the viola/cello/violin, because that’s sexy as it is. But the harp? That’s a whole new level.

But I digress. My point was that Joanna Newsom is a goddess, least of all because she plays the harp. Mostly, it’s because despite possessing an initially less than affable voice, she writes glorious folk tales spun around her glistening harp. Her new album is called Have One On Me, and all the material is on 3 discs. That doesn’t mean that it’s huge, it would’ve filled two discs easily, but apparently separating them via 3 discs gives for a better listening experience (and it does).

Anyway, here are two songs from the album itself:

Jack Rabbits (download here)

Go Long (download here)


3 thoughts on “Have One On Me

  1. Depends. I don’t upload to wordpress (don’t think you can do that cause you have limits like 3mb I think). You can upload to a place like mediafire and then link mp3s here.

    Just type in [audio http://link%5D, and it’ll appear in that player format.

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