I was going to write out my thoughts on our esteemed representatives who decided to come back to Pakistan after being faced with scanners before entry into Washington. Ultimately, as much as I find the introduction of extra scanners and the “list” (14 or so countries defined as hotbeds of terrorism whose citizens/travellers are to be scrutinzed that little bit more) deplorable, you have to suck it up. Why? Cause that’s the way shit rolls. Fighting these little annoying battles are largely worthless, in my worthless opinion. Just leads to unnecessary fixation, when the broader issues get sidelined because they’re ostensibly less tangible.

But I digress. I can’t be bothered to write out my thoughts really, though this snarky NYT piece does a good job I suppose of elucidating some of the hypocrisy inherent in people like these.

Instead, I’ll just listen to one of the best records I’ve heard in 2010 (which itself has been a fantastic year for music already).


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