The Two Escobars

So ESPN has been airing a few documentaries as part of its 30for30 series (30 years of ESPN).

One of these is ‘The Two Escobars’, which is essentially a documentary that weaves the stories of Pablo Escobar and Andres Escobar. Now, I implore you with all my might to watch this documentary. It may not be the greatest you’ll ever see (the music can be ostentious and some of the footage is spliced together in a half-assed fashion), but it features an incredible story – how drug money fuelled the rise of Colombian soccer and how it ultimately led to the murder of Andres Escobar. It’s a damningly austere assessment of a society enshrined in violence, classism and poverty.

Again, even if you don’t like documentaries in general, please, please, try to watch this one.

It’s all on youtube, and I’ll link to the first one:

The youtube link if you want to watch it there


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