RIP Sifwat Ghayur

Often for many of us, suicide bombs are an atrocity that affect us in indirect ways. ‘x people dead in a blast in Peshawar’ – it’s harrowing, frightening, disgusting and a whole lot of other adjectives, but it’s rarely personal. This is particularly evident in the ‘blogosphere’ which is largely populated by upper class citizens and overseas Pakistanis. Though I need to clarify that I’m not having a go at anyone at all.

For me too, most of the time these were just figures. Occasionally I’d come to know that someone who was an uncle of a close friend of mine passed away (Asfandyar Amir Zeb) but it’d still seem distant. But today things are different. Sifwat Ghayur was a college roommate of my dad’s, and was a close friend of both my parents when they were in the Civil Services Academy. He was a man who helped pay for the education of his sister’s children (whether it was school or university), and he was steadfast in his opposition to the taliban, an opposition that manifested itself ideologically as much as in bureaucratic/physical terms. It was for his very real opposition that he lost his life today.

As easy as it seems to be to ask for the death of every talib or to ask for the US to pull out of Afghanistan and for Pakistan to detach itself from the US effort in Afghanistan, all of that quite simply ignores the taliban ideology, the very basis of these sub-human scum. That ideology will not be defeated solely by gunships and drones, or by acquiesing to what the taliban want by letting them be. Both strategem will only create further Sifwat’s – great men brought down by cockroaches simply because of their opposition to them.

And it is this ideology, in it’s nucleus, that must be obliterated. Because when you tear apart the socio-political layers of Islamic fundamentalism, it comes down simply to Wahhabism. And that is what we must struggle against every single day to reclaim the lives of people like Sifwat Ghayur, Pir Hafiz Rafeeullah and the countless other victims of taliban terrorism whose names I unashamedly don’t know.

Rest in peace Sifwat Ghayur, the world is a lesser place today.


14 thoughts on “RIP Sifwat Ghayur

  1. i salute the commander and his family,a martyr went the way he wanted.Most of us just boast about being brave,but the true at heart like Sifwat are the friends of Mohammed bin Abdullah saluallahye wasalam,ahh what a sight when Sifwat walks with HIM on the day of Judgement,making his parents proud,fareshtaye bhi salam karayengaye us maa ko jis naye Sifwat ko janam diya.Sifwat u r not a loss but you have made this QOUM,this country of Pakistan a stronger force.thank you Sifwat Ghayur.

  2. Thank you for this Asfandyar. My uncle was truly a great man–and I didn’t even know all the things he did, I just saw him as a loving, funny person.

  3. I am deeply sorry that another brave man has become a victim of terrorism.My sympathies are with his family May Allah give them courage to bear this loss.Amin

  4. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,tears roll down again n again to remeber sifwat sb. Look at the personality,then his courage,dedication,sincerety,honesty. Pakistan,look what u have lost this time. again a terror in the eyes of terrorist died.i have no words for him infact he is at par of all praiseworthy words. Malik saad and sifwat ghayur too idntical. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what now we will do.Is there any one else in our police force. Idont think so. i dont think so.In Pashto it is said , Sal de omra kho yoo de na mra (100 coward people die but one brave not to die)

  5. Lost my dearest friend. It felt like my own brother’s life being taken away by a sinister cruel ideology. Spoke to him over the phone from overseas just 2 days prior. He recognised my voice after 20 years. Despite the horror of the flood and the volcanic law and order situation in his area he inquired about his school days friends thousands of miles away, and his last words were about his wonderful family. He was a heavy weight in faith, fairness, simplicity and possessed the cleanest of mind and soul. Allah Is Great and will bless him and his family. May his soul rest in heaven.

  6. SAFWAT SB was our course cammander in the national police academy islamabad when we went for the training as ASPs.he was our mentor, like an elder brother, i have no words to fully cmprhend his personality . he could best be described as LEGEND , this is a loss to this nation, we have become orphans.

  7. Another Pakhtun martyr and victim of terrorism. I develop an anger at ISI and monkeys like Hamid Gul and Zia ul haq, for the monster that they created and unleashed on Pakistan and the shamelessness with which they still praise their foolish enterprise.

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