What? How many blogs do you HAVE?!

No, really.

Four, I think.

Two blogs, two tumblrs.

One tumblr’s essential – that’s my ‘official site’ (till I can be bothered getting a domain proper).

One tumblr exists for reblogs, essentially.

One blog exists solely for prose and poetry.

One blog exists for year-end lists and rants (though the latter now seems to be the prerogative of twitter). It also exists to be ignored. It’s self-loathing like that.

Can any be coalesced?

More importantly, why must they be coalesced?

Mostly because it’ll lead me to procrastinate less. Before posting, the obvious question is, “Which blog/tumblr do I post this inane thought to?” But instead of having four options, if I had just two to contend with, I’m fairly certain I’d find myself far more willing to tell the world about the rancid mess of neutrons that run amok in my skull.

Problem with Tumblr is that it’s hard to take it seriously. The themes are insanely pretty, for starters. Plus, even though I want a tumblr where I can post whatever I want, does it really make sense to have a tumblr where you post a few pictures that span your sense of humour (lame/offensive/geeky), followed by a few songs and a few images (both pretty and funny) and then follow all of that up with a poem?

No, but really?

And then there’s the part where I feel the need to rant about something beyond music/art. What if I want to exercise my right to have a whinge at a political system that I have no direct & immediate chance to change? What if I want to try my best hand at eloquently calling Imran Khan a massive shitcunt? Which of my many blogs exactly gets to have that honour?

So really, where do I stand? Despite my whinges about a poetry blog or essays (heh) on politics, I am also incredibly lazy and these two interests of mine tend to not get much airing. So what’s the need for a blog for prose/poetry when it gets accessed once or twice a year? And likewise with anything resembling a ‘serious’ blog on politics or anything of that ilk?

I’m stumped. I genuinely am. Four blogs, despite my best attempts to cut them down, still seem to frighteningly make sense to me. I reckon Songs for a Dead Pilot has to exist because of how immeasurably pretty it looks. Asfandyar Khan has to exist, because, well, it’s my official music site. So that leaves this blog and Introduction By Glass. I guess, ultimately, that I could merge these two.






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